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Loyal Heights coffee
Done right.

Locally Sourced ingredients × hand-crafted sandwiches & delicacies


Located in the historic Loyal Heights, Seattle, we’re focused on serving locally crafted seasonal fare with cafe classics.

La Copa Cafe opened November 1st, 2016, and has been on a mission to bring a classic cafe to Loyal Heights, with Seattle standards. All of our food is hand-crafted on site by nutritionist/chef team Donovan Curry and Alaina Milligan.

We have always been dedicated to serving the Loyal Heights Community with a variety of of healthy, delicious, and sustainable products made from whole, local, real ingredients.

Along with our full-service coffee bar, we offer delicious breakfast sandwiches, burritos & quiches, a variety of fresh smoothies, healthy home made soups, refreshing tasty salads, and grilled and oven roasted sandwiches, along with a plethora of house-baked treats - both savory & sweet!

In the true tradition of European Cafes, every Friday & Saturday night the space morphs from a coffee bar, to a music venue serving locally crafted beer wine and food, showcasing a rotating cast of local music, poetry, and art.

La Copa Cafe promises to always feed the mind, body, and soul what they deserve.



(206) 789-0664



2410 NW 80th St.
Seattle, WA 98117



Tues-Th 7a-7p
F 7a-9p
SA 8a–9p
SU 8a-4p